Cynde M.

Brief info

Shes been a busy career woman for decades and probably juggled more than she should. Like most women, she did for others, career, family before she did for herself. She found herself at the bottom of the list! Over the past few years, shed look at herself in the mirror and wonder, "What's going on here?" She looked different, tired, sad, unhappy, and angry However, this was not how she FELT on the inside. She realized the years of demands had trampled all over her face, and she really needed to do something about this.

Coming to Elite MD has been the BEST thing she has ever done for herself! The brilliance and expertise of the providers, procedures, and options allowed her to have a completely natural result, and continue with her busy life. Having decided to do the Elite Mini face lift and skin resurfacing, the natural transformation has given her hope that life hasn't passed her by. That at this time in her life, it is absolutely ok, to take care of her. Elite MD gave her the courage to do that and has brought me the harmony back where she felt amazing. She now looks at herself and recognizes the person looking back at her. The spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of her being are reconnected, and she can be the best part of herself at her age. This experience has been a gift, and she is so grateful to Dr. Sonia, Dr. Bansal, Dr. Lesavoy for their gifts they have shared.