Brandon James Somerville

Brief info

Growing up living an active youth, skin quickly became a point of concern for me. I could never quite get a grasp on clear skin. I also have oily skin which isn’t a bad thing, but when paired with sports, puberty, and a vague understanding of what to do with my skin I felt stuck. I took up self-education on solutions and methods for better skin. I taught myself plenty, and still pull upon that knowledge today in my skincare routine. Unfortunately, what I found for myself still wasn’t quite enough for the final push to get my skin to the level I wanted and needed it to be at. This is where Elite MD comes in. There simply isn’t a prescription handed to you, but rather an educational process that occurs including skin-specific treatment. Not just my routine, but my knowledge has improved on what to specifically do for my skin. This is the first time I feel I have a genuine grasp on a process for clear skin, and I am pleased with the progress.