Elite Hair Graft

When I look in the mirror now I feel confident, I feel younger, and I feel happy that I got my hair back.” – Actual Elite MD Patient


  • Restore your full head of hair without the use of scalpels, sutures or staples, and enjoy a fast recovery period for long lasting improvement with hair restoration. Ideal for men and women who want an effective treatment for baldness with minimal downtime.
  • Our center is dedicated to providing patients with the most advanced, least invasive methods of cosmetic medicine.
  • The newest, most advanced technology for minimally invasive hair restoration.
  • No visible scar.
  • Patients feel little to no discomfort.
  • Quick recovery time. Many patients resume normal daily activities after only a few days
  • Elite MD is a world class hair restoration center. Patients come from 6 continents, 45 countries and 48 states. If hair loss is something that bothers you, make an appointment for a free consultation with Elite MD’s Hair Team.

The same results may not occur for all patients.

We have multiple financing options to make your transformation as affordable as possible.


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