IPL / Photo Facial in Danville

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    IPL / Photo Facial

    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a non-invasive treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to treat a variety of skin conditions, including:

    • Facial lines and wrinkles. When used to provide a more youthful appearance, IPL is referred to as a “photo facial” or “photo rejuvenation”.
    • Vascular lesions, including spider angiomas, port wine stains, broken facial veins, rosy cheeks (flushing), and the redness (erythema) of rosacea.
    • Freckles and age spots (lentigines)
    • Hair removal
    • Acne (Mild to moderate)
    • Stretch marks

    IPL systems produce light with many wavelengths, unlike lasers which produce light of just one wavelength. Filters may be used to refine the emitted light to target specific tissues. The light emitted by IPL is absorbed by pigments in the skin cells and converted to heat, which impacts the targeted tissue. For instance, when used to treat spider veins, IPL targets the red pigment in blood (hemoglobin) which heats up the vein. When used to treat colored spots, the light of IPL heats up the melanin pigment in the lesion.

    IPL therapy is referred to as a “non-ablative” resurfacing technique because it affects the lower layers of skin (dermis) without damaging the upper layers of skin (epidermis). The results are not as dramatic as ablative resurfacing with lasers, but IPL therapy offers minimal downtime. A person can have a treatment during lunchtime and return to work the same day.

    Each treatment session lasts about 20 minutes. 4-6 sessions may be recommended every 3-6 weeks to achieve desired results.

    IPL treatments are very easy and side effects are minor. Some side effects may include:

    • mild pain during treatment (reduced with the used of a coolant on the skin or topical anesthetic). The sensation has been likened to a light pinch or the snap of a rubber band.
    • redness immediately post-procedures
    • mild irritation similar to a sunburn for several days
    • areas that are darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation) than surrounding skin. This is rarely permanent.
    • bruising

    What our patients are saying about Elite MD

    “When the time came for me to take on the aging process head on, there was no question that Dr. Bansal and the truly amazing team at Elite MD were who I trusted to guide me. Thier commitment to my health and my goals, has been a partnership I value more than I can say here. Everything was thoroughly discussed. The best procedures that would actually give me the natural results I was looking for. Dr Bansal was so kind and his expertise is remarkable.He took the time to help me understand what was best for me at my age. I knew I was in the right hands. I am 6 months out of the Elite Mini face lift, a neck lift and skin resurfacing. The surgery was fantastic!! I had this done in thier office, they really have completely created the perfect way to do this surgery. Virtually, no discomfort, and after following ALL of their healing instructions, I was back to work in 2 weeks!! No kidding!! 2 weeks and looked like 15 years disappeared. Amazing natural results!!!! I cannot stress enough how amazing the team is. They care so much about helping you and I feel part of the family. Ray, and Rikki are rock stars, truly masters at what they do. Rikki and and Ray have helped me with thier incredible kindness and expertise to make the right decisions and skin care to assist in making this aging process to run for cover!! Dr Sonia is one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. Honestly, if you looking at yourself in the mirror, and you know there is a different person inside. Please go see Dr. Bansal and Dr Sonia. This will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself! I now feel as if my body is in harmony again, the inside and the outside are once again connected and you feel fabulous. Thank you can’t even touch how grateful I am for all the amazing people at Elite MD.” – By Cynde M.