Elite Mini Facelift

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Elite Mini Facelift

What is an Elite MD Mini Facelift procedure?
An Elite MD Mini Facelift meets specific needs and is focused primarily on trouble spots. The procedure can address specific areas of the mid-face, the neck, the jowls or the nasolabial folds. When you choose Elite MD, you’ll get an in-office complimentary consultation and a world-class in-office procedure with local anesthesia. Request a consultation today to get started.

Why consider an Elite MD Mini Facelift?
Rather than seeking a traditional facelift, more and more patients who are good candidates are opting for an Elite MD Mini Facelift. At once less intense and more targeted than a traditional face lift, this procedure has advantages — especially to younger and otherwise well-qualified patients — in the areas of recovery and downtime.

What results should I expect from the mini face lift procedure?
An in-office Elite MD Mini Facelift meets specific needs and is focused primarily on trouble spots. The procedure can address specific areas of the mid-face, the neck, the jowls or the nasolabial folds. Request a consultation today to get started.

What about recovery?
Mini face lifts can target specific problems and are generally associated with quick recovery.

Elite MD provides the latest in innovative technologies and procedures, and the In-Office Elite MD Mini Facelift is the perfect example of these achievements.

One of our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons will remove the extra skin and tighten facial muscles and skin to give your face and neck a tight, firm look. He can drastically reduce the wrinkles, scars, and lines found in the face and neck. An Elite MD Mini Facelift can help you increase your self-confidence and give you back a youthful, fresh face.

Our expert providers are highly decorated and world-renown plastic surgeosn. Our expert providers excel in performing minimally invasive procedures that reduce scarring. Make sure to ask us about the Elite MD Mini Facelift, a procedure that many of our patients undertake, with a much smaller incision and less recovery time.

If you have a large amount of wrinkles, worry lines, loose skin, scars around your face, you are a candidate for an Elite MD Mini Facelift.

This in-office procedure only takes three to four hours.

Remember, Elite MD’s expert providers specialize in using techniques that minimize the scarring and invasiveness of the procedure, so there will only be minimal discomfort. Elite MD is not only one of the leaders of innovation, growth, and medical precision in the Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Cosmetic Surgery field, but we are the number one in-office practice. As a premier provider of many services and procedures, they will take care of your needs professionally. Elite MD’s staff is a group of highly trained individuals who will ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your in-office Elite MD Mini Facelift procedure.

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