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    Restore age-related volume loss with an innovative new treatment that replace3s fat loss with your body’s own fat.

    • It is a ground breaking treatment, when injected, gradually replaces age-related fat loss with your body’s own fat.
    • Safe and effective for replacing volume loss in the face, hands, and body.
    • A bio compatible agent that is comprised of the same growth factors, proteins and collagens, found in your own fat.
    • Contains the same regenerative components that exist in native fat.
    • Contains the same growth factors found in your fat.
    • An extra cellular matrix with regenerative properties.

    Where can Renuva be used?

    It is injected where fat naturally exists, to replace volume where fat loss occurs. The treatment is also helpful for erasing cellulite dimples, smoothing liposuction irregularities, and flattening depressed scars.

    Renuva Before and After

    What areas can Renuva treat?

    Renuva volumizes areas with age related fat loss and places fat in desired areas where fat naturally exists.

    This includes:

    • Face.
    • Hands.
    • Breast correction.
    • Depressed scar.
    • Buttocks small volume.
    • Irregular contours due to liposuction.
    • Neck and décolletage.

    How Does Renuva Work?

    When injected, it created a honey combed like matrix that is then filled with the body’s own fat. After three months Renuva dissolves and the person’s own fat remains.

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    About Facial Aging

    We stop growing our own fat and collagen in our early 20’s and begin to lose fat in the deep layers of the skin as we age.

    How long does Renuva last?

    • It eventually disappears and is replaced with your own fat, leaving lasting refults.
    • The average fat cell lifespan is approximately 10 years.

    What our patients are saying about Elite MD

    “My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Sonia for a long time and she is fantastic. The staff is amazing and Juliet is very professional and super caring. Overall the whole team is excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend Elite MD to anyone!” – By Claudia G.