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Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Were your breast implants placed improperly? Are they rupturing? Or are you just not happy with them? If so, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can safely remove them for you with our Breast Implant Removal procedure. We understand that having breast implants that you are unhappy with can not only be physically uncomfortable, but it can be emotionally uncomfortable as well. When you come to Elite MD for removal, we will make sure your breast implants are removed safely and efficiently with your goals and comfort in mind.

If removal isn’t your goal, then we can revise the implants to better suit the results you’re looking for. We have a variety of options and we will work with you to individually asses your needs to achieve your desired outcome.

If you’re considering removing your breast implants or revising them, we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our highly skilled professionals. When you do they will asses your individual needs and go over the best breast implant removal options for you.

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