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    Renuvion J Plasma – Skin Tightening and Firming

    In the constantly evolving world of cosmetic procedures, Elite Plasma powered by Renuvion has emerged as a game-changer. Combining the unique heating and cooling properties, Elite Plasma, powered by Renuvion J-Plasma®, offers groundbreaking technology in the hands of our expert specialists to create an unparalleled holistic skin tightening experience.

    Unique Dual Thermal Technology
    1. Distinctive Heating: Utilizing a blend of cold helium plasma and RF (Radio Frequency) energy, the target tissue is gently heated. This advanced heating technology, designed to coagulate and contour, ensures even energy delivery.

    2. Effective Cooling: the unique safety cooling mechanism relies on the high thermal conductivity of helium gas. Over 99.9% of the helium remains gaseous, thereby drawing away excess heat, ensuring the skin is cooled and protected from unintended thermal effects.

    Elite Plasma: Revolutionizing Contouring
    Elite Plasma powered by Renuvion J-Plasma®, is the only FDA-cleared tool for use post-liposuction, aimed at contracting subcutaneous soft tissue. This system works by inserting a wand beneath the skin, targeting collagen-rich areas responsible for skin laxity. The end result is a tighter, more contoured appearance, founded on decades of meticulous research and evidence-based medicine.

    How does Elite Plasma Tighten Skin?
    Combining helium plasma with RF energy, the J-Plasma® stimulates tissue contraction, producing a tightening effect beneath the skin surface. Its even application ensures a dramatic yet gentle impact, setting a new standard for non-surgical improvement. Under the careful guidance of a consultant plastic surgeon, there is simultaneous resurfacing and tightening of the skin, achieving results previously unattainable without invasive surgery. As a single in-clinic procedure, the effects are immediately visible, with continued improvement over the following months.

    Procedure Insights
    This procedure entails a visit to our state-of-the-art operating theatre. After the treatment areas are marked and anesthetized, the disposable probe is carefully inserted into the tissue. Precision is key as helium plasma and radiofrequency energy stimulate the desired shrinking effect. With the incisions closed and dressings applied, patients are given top-notch care by our expert medical team.

    Anticipated Outcomes
    Immediate soft tissue contraction is often observed post-procedure. As the healing process kicks in over 6-9 months, results become even more pronounced. Adherence to post-operative instructions and regular follow-ups are crucial to realize the full benefits.

    Post-Treatment Dynamics
    Downtime varies based on treatment location and size. Expect some bruising for about a week. Showering is recommended two days post-operation. Elite Plasma aims to rejuvenate your skin by bolstering collagen production, offering a viable alternative to more invasive procedures.

    Benefits & Application Areas
    Elite Plasma powered by Renuvion complements liposuction treatments by enhancing skin retraction and smoothness. From the abdomen and neck to thighs and flanks, its versatility is evident.

    Ideal Candidates
    Elite Plasma caters to individuals seeking enhanced skin tightening post-liposuction, especially those witnessing reduced skin elasticity. However, younger individuals or those with stable weight may not need the procedure.

    Procedure & Recovery
    Post liposuction, the device is maneuvered beneath the skin, delivering controlled heat for optimal tissue contraction. Subsequent to treatment, patients can anticipate immediate tissue contraction, with full results observable in 6-9 months.

    Recovery is very similar to liposuction. Medication for comfort, a week-long work break, and adherence to recovery guidelines are standard.

    Lasting Impact
    Initial tightening post-procedure is evident, with full results maturing over 6-9 months. The skin tightening benefits are enduring, but natural aging can influence skin elasticity over time.

    Elite Plasma – A Snapshot
    This technology harnesses the dual power of helium plasma and RF energy to invigorate and contract tissue beneath the skin’s surface. Perfect for those seeking a minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelifts or body lifts, our experts deliver dramatic skin tightening and firming results with minimal downtime.

    Why Elite MD?

    Elite MD is known throughout the world as a leading medical institution and pioneer in cutting-edge technologies and a combination of body contouring procedures that are visually transformative and life-changing. The Elite Plasma is one of our signature procedures that Elite MD is well known for. Our body contouring experts have seen international from 6 continents, 25 countries, and 49 states. We try to enhance your natural features in the safest and most effective ways possible. Additionally, we author textbooks on ethnic skin and specialize in using techniques that minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation in all skin types. Elite MD was voted Best Group Aesthetic Practice by MedEsthetics Magazine and Best Global Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery Practice by Face/Body Awards.

    Individualizing and Tailoring Treatments to Create Long-Term Natural Results

    We try to create the best results by combining the best-individualized post care including compression garments, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, lymphatic massage, and noninvasive lasers. This treatment can also be combined with other procedures at the same time. For example, many mommy makeovers include liposuction with fat transfer to other areas, such as the breast area for natural breast shaping without needing implants or the buttock area for more body shaping. Some patients also combine fat transfer to other areas such as their face for long-term improvement softening lines/wrinkles, cheek/jaw contouring, or creating more fuller natural lips without the inconvenience of cosmetic fillers. Like any cosmetic treatment, maintenance with proper skin care and best lifestyle practices are important for best results. We often combine other practices to produce a full 360 holistic experience including education on nutrition, exercise, and mental health and community service,

    We Transform Lives from Botched Cases to Beautiful Body Revisions

    Elite MD has served many patients who have received botched jobs and complications from their procedures done elsewhere. We are a treatment center for revision cases to help patients get through this challenging journey, both physically and emotionally.

    We Treat Ethnic Skin with the Utmost Care

    Many of our patient population is uniquely ethnic skin. We know ethnic skin is different in its biology, structure, and function. The skin of color has an inherently higher risk of keloids, scarring, and hyperpigmentation as with any procedure. Our experts use various techniques to minimize this risk and combine various modalities to help improve its look.

    What our patients are saying about Elite MD

    “Had a consultation today for interest in a few procedures. Their five stars again rule my thought process! Dr. Bansal & consultant, Juliet were terrific … VERY HONEST why one procedure wouldn’t work. I had researched & kinda knew the answer but to have them validate before I even told them I had researched was terrific! I feel so at home at Elite MD & very much trust!!!” – by Ziggy U.