Mini Brazilian Butt Lift in Danville

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    Mini Brazilian Butt Lift

    Even with vigorous exercise, getting a sculpted and voluminous buttock can be nearly impossible without surgery. There has been an uptick in body contouring procedures over the past decade. The Mini BBL procedure is an extension of the well known Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, which uses the patient’s own natural body fat to create a sculpted, youthful, and shapely hourglass contour to boost your confidence. It is very popular to create more shape and volume, to enhance your contours in fitted clothing or in your skinny jeans, and making it larger, firmer, and more proportionate to your physique or small isolated areas of sagging, dipping, or more slender women who would like a more curvaceous and attractive silhouette and derriere, but who may have limited amounts of fat. In our expert hands, Elite MD achieves outstanding and natural results using your own fat. A mini procedure may, for example, remove a small amount of fat from the lower back via liposuction, which can create a more attractive slope of the back, and then use that fat to make the buttocks more rounded and symmetrical.  Our thinner buttock lift patients agree that, with this plastic surgery innovation, they get a superior result done right in the office safely and effectively.

    Key Benefits

    • The procedure is safe, natural, an effective in using your own bodies fat to sculpt and shape a beautiful silhouette.
    • Patients describe the results as sculpted, shapely, and snatched with a beautiful hourglass silhouette.
    • The results are long lasting and very natural.
    • It is done right in the office with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort so it is a very safe procedure in expert hands
    • Elite MD combines various FDA cleared technologies to provide a more individualized, tailored, and enhanced result

    Who is a good candidate?

    This is one of the most popular procedures performed because most healthy patients can be a candidate for this all natural procedure. For those desiring a more firm, tighter, silhouette, this procedure is very safe and effective.

    • You are physically healthy
    • You have realistic expectations
    • You are bothered by the feeling that your buttock is too small
    • You are unhappy with the roundness or general shape of your buttock
    • Your buttock is asymmetrical

    What can you expect from your consultation?

    You will be meeting a team of highly trained specialists that can help guide your treatment plan to a successful result. Points of discussion will include:

    • Your surgical goals
    • Medical conditions, drug allergies and previous medical treatments
    • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use
    • Previous surgeries
    • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
    • Examine your skin and body type
    • Take photographs for your medical records
    • Discuss your options and pros and cons of each
    • Recommend a course of treatment
    • Discuss likely outcomes and risks or potential complications

    Preparing for the procedure

    In preparing for your procedure you will be given detailed instructions at your pre op appointment with our expert team to prepare you and guide you through your journey. Multiple consent forms and instructions will be reviewed and signed. Following your post op instructions is essential to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, motion, swelling or abrasion during the time of healing.

    Some of the things you will be asked to do include:

    • Get a blood test
    • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
    • Stop smoking
    • Avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as they can increase bleeding
    • Because this is an in office procedure, you will need a driver to take you home and stay with you the first night.

    How is the mini BBL performed?

    The mini BBL procedure is done right in the office under local anesthesia, which means you’ll be awake and very comfortable the entire time. Unwanted fat will be removed from other areas such as the abdomen thighs or trunk. These fat cells are then harvested, separated, and purified thus preserving undamaged cells for a successful transfer. This is done with a low pressure aspiration such that the fat cells stay viable. This extracted fat is handled gently, cleaned and set aside for re-injection. This harvest and re-injection process needs to be done carefully as this is what yields long lasting results. These undamaged purified fat cells are then re-injected into the area of interest along the backside area to create a natural, sculpted, and firm backside.

    Step 1 – Local Anesthesia

    Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. Local anesthesia with tumescent anesthesia will be used.

    Step 2 – Vaser Liposuction

    Liposuction is performed through small, inconspicuous incisions. First, diluted local anesthesia is administered to reduce bleeding and trauma. Then a thin cannula is inserted through the incisions to loosen excess fat using a controlled back and forth motion combined with ultrasound technology. The dislodged fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula. In general, your expert surgeon may liposuction up to three times the amount of fat than what will actually be injected into the buttocks.

    Step 3 – Fat injection

    The fat, tissue and blood that were removed through liposuction are then processed. The syringes are then connected to a special cannula. Your expert surgeon will use this cannula to add the fat to the buttocks through small injections all over your behind.

    Step 4 – See the results

    The results of mini BBL are immediately visible; however, you will not see your final results until a year after the surgery, as it takes a while for the fat to “take.” This procedure offers natural-looking and -feeling results, but the projection of the buttocks may decrease over time. Some of the initial volume you experience after your fat grafting procedure will fade as the fat is absorbed by your body (on the average patients will retain 60-80% of the transferred fat, in some cases more in others less). As you gain or lose weight, your results may change as the transferred fat can grow or shrink just as any other fat in your body.

    How is the recovery?

    You will be asked to avoid prolonged sitting for about two weeks as this can damage fat cells. You will also be encouraged to avoid sleeping on your back and instead sleep face down or on your side. When you do have to sit, you will have to use a pillow or cushion placed behind the legs (hamstring muscles) to help raise the buttocks, avoiding pressure onto the fat grafts. Though your results are immediate, some of the fat that leads to the initial shape after surgery will be reabsorbed by your body. Over time, your butt’s size and shape can continue to change due to aging and gravity. You’ll be able to retain your new look longer if you maintain your weight and keep a healthy lifestyle. Fat can behave like any other fat in your body. If you gain weight, the fat in your buttocks may grow. If you lose weight, you may lose some of the volume in the buttocks as the fat shrinks. The results of your mini BBL surgery will be long-lasting.

    If you exercise your butt after an Elite MD Brazilian butt lift, will it harm the results?

    It shouldn’t “harm” the results unless you loose weight from doing the exercises. Also, it depends on the “memory” of the fat. If the fat was harvested from the stomach, and your stomach fat has a tendency to loose weight quickly while doing exercises, the fat that was removed from your stomach and transferred into your buttocks will react in the same way. In general, it is advisable to wait to have the procedure until you are at? a stable weight.

    Why Elite MD?

    Elite MD is known throughout the world as a leading medical institution and pioneer in cutting edge technologies and combination of body contouring procedures that are visually transformative and life changing. The mini BBL is our signature procedure that Elite MD is well known for. Our body contouring experts have seen international from 6 continents, 25 countries, and 49 states. We try to enhance your natural features in the safest and most effective ways we can. Additionally, we author textbooks on ethnic skin and specialize in using techniques that minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation in all skin types. Elite MD was voted Best Group Aesthetic Practice by MedEsthetics Magazine and Best Global Aesethetic/Plastic Surgery Practice by Face/Body Awards.

    Individualizing and Tailoring Treatments to Create Long Term Natural Results

    We try to create the best results by combining the best individualized post care including compression garments, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, lymphatic massage, and noninvasive lasers. This treatment can also be combined with other procedures at the same time. For example many mommy makeovers include liposuction with fat transfer to other areas, such as the breast area for natural breast shaping without needing implants or the buttock area for more body shaping. Some patients also combine fat transfer to other areas such as their face for long term improvement softening lines/wrinkles, cheek/jaw contouring, or creating more fuller natural lips without the inconvenience of cosmetic fillers. Like any cosmetic treatment, maintenance with proper skin care and best lifestyle practices are important for best results. We often combine other practices to produce a full 360 holisitc experience including education on nutrition, exercise, and mental health and community service,

    We Transform Lives from Botched Cases to Beautiful Body Revisions

    Elite MD has served many patients who have received botched jobs and complications from their procedure done elsewhere. We are a treatment center for revision cases to help patients get through this challenging journey, both physically and emotionally.

    We Treat Ethnic Skin with the Utmost Care

    Many of our patient population is uniquely ethnic skin. We know ethnic skin is different in its biology, structure, and function. Skin of color has inherently higher risk of keloids, scarring and hyperpigmentation as with any procedure. Our experts use various techniques to minimize this risk and combine various modalities to help improve its look.

    What our patients are saying about Elite MD

    “Had a consultation today for interest in a few procedures. Their five stars again rule my thought process! Dr. Bansal & consultant, Juliet were terrific … VERY HONEST why one procedure wouldn’t work. I had researched & kinda knew the answer but to have them validate before I even told them I had researched was terrific! I feel so at home at Elite MD & very much trust!!!” – by Ziggy U.