Top 3 New Year New You Resolutions To Keep In 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we leave a decade in the past of  the good, the not-so-good, and the downright ugly, 2020 should be all about setting ourselves up for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical success. No big resolutions needed here. Small tips can go a long way. This year is going to be the one when you put our own needs first, when you honor where you are no matter what, and when you recognize the importance of community. Make this the year for self acceptance, self compassion, and self care as we continue to advance in a technologically influenced world where oftentimes our connections to self and others get lost. We hope this year is your most emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit year yet!


  1. Self care is the new you. Make it a priority!

Self-care isn’t just one thing, and it’s not the same thing to everyone. Basically, self-care means taking time to focus on things that matter to you and contribute to your well-being. Self-care can be as simple as taking a bath, getting a massage, daily journaling, watching a movie, going to the doctor, going to the spa to treat yourself,  listening to podcasts, going on a hike, being with nature, morning meditation, or simply saying no to the things that no longer serve you in your life. You deserve time for YOU, and you should never feel guilty for this precious time. So get creative!


  • Take optimal care of your skin health. Get your free skin cancer screening at Elite MD.
  • Help your winter skin with gentle cleansing, hydration, and sun protection (yes even SPF!) Recommend: Skin Rescue Kit including gentle cleanser, antioxidants, hydration booster, and sun protection.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day. Recommended lunchtime procedures: Botox or cosmetic fillers to help refresh you so you can look and feel your very best.


2. Make healthy your new habit (but with room to cheat).

Instead of putting pressure on yourself to lose ten pounds in the next month, just commit to making healthy choices. If you consistently and consciously choose things that benefit your health, you’ll soon find yourself making healthy choices instinctively. What once required effort and thought will become a lifestyle change for you.  It can be about the food you eat, how much alcohol you consume or how often you go to the gym. Giving yourself all or nothing options is not a sustainable plan for the long term. Giving yourself options that allow you to make more healthier choices will allow you to shed the excess weight more naturally.

Tip: Shed excess fat with a balanced healthy diet and daily aerobic exercise. Recommend: Elite MD does what the gym can’t. For stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise, Elite Freeze (powered by CoolSculpting) freezes away and kills stubborn fat cells without surgery. 


3.Take breaks from electronics

In our fast paced world and information overload of electronics, it’s important to manage your use. We’d encourage you to ditch the electronics completely before bed. Instead, try reading, journaling, praying, meditating, or maybe even a few minutes of yoga. Studies show that the blue light on your electronic screens can be damaging to your skin, accentuating pigmentation and discoloration as well as sleep loss! Reduce your exposure of blue light as the day progresses for prevention and improved sleep.

Tip: Wear sunblock with SPF 30 daily, even twice a day, specifically containing antioxidants and iron oxide to block your skin from the damaging blue light. Recommend Elite MD Pearl Powder or BB Cream.