The 7 Most Popular Bride-To-Be Procedures and Treatments

Looking and feeling your best on the biggest, most important day in a woman’s life isn’t just a consideration for most brides, it is a mission. Many brides-to-be starting ramping up their diet and work outs in preparation for their special day up to almost a year in advance. Women have been coming to Elite MD for years with one typical request, “Make me look my best for my big day”! It’s no surprise that brides are factoring in their procedures and treatments into their wedding budget; however, unlike the menu and flowers, a brides results and confidence do not last one day, their results and satisfaction continue to last throughout their lifetime, (even though they are inspired by the big day).

Every bride to be wants to be the best version of herself on her wedding day and understandably so! For some, this may mean dropping a few pounds before the wedding to fit into the most perfect dress, changing their skin-care regimens, and trying hairstyle after hairstyle until they find the perfect one. But what about those who are considering more permanent transformations or enhancements to their appearance? Pre-wedding plastic surgery and procedures are common and definitely not a new trend. We chatted with our world class plastics team to get expert advice for anyone considering plastic surgery before their wedding.

Although there is no specific bridal makeover package that we recommend because everyone’s needs and desires differ, listed below are the procedures and treatments that are commonly requested by our brides-to-be. We recommend that certain procedures be completed 2-6 months (and some even longer to ensure proper post-op healing) before a wedding. It’s best to come in for a consult as soon as any procedure or treatment is on a bride’s mind. Check out the the top 7 biggest concerns we get from brides-to- be and the popular treatments associated with them:

  • Breast AugmentationCommon concern we hear a lot: “I want to feel more feminine and fill out the top of my wedding dress” or “I’ve always wanted to wear a strapless dress but don’t feel like my chest will be flattering enough for it.”

It is advised to have a breast augmentation procedure completed a minimum of 2-6 months prior to dress fitting appointment, and preferably a whole 6 months to one year before the wedding to ensure proper healing and settling.

  • Liposuction of ArmsCommon concern: “I’m really self-conscious about my arm fat and I feel that my arms are flabby.”

Typically, we suggest 2-4 months for any lipo procedure. Depending on how drastic the needs are will determine on what side of the time spectrum you are (as is the case for most procedures). A slightly less invasive alternative can be Coolsculpting.

  • Vaser Liposuction of ChinCommon concern: “I’ve gained some weight and you can really tell around my face- I feel like all my pictures will have my double-chin in there”

Again, we’re looking at a timeline of anywhere between 3-6 months for Vaser Lipo of the chin. A slightly less invasive procedure could be a few sessions of Kybella, which usually requires 3-4 treatments over the course of 2-4 months to see true results.

  • Vaser Liposuction of Abdomen, Waist, FlanksCommon concern: “I want to have my dress fitted to perfectly hug my curves, but the problem is: I have rolls, not exactly curves. Dress shopping has been aggravating and depressing for me. I dream about walking down the aisle having an hourglass figure.

Vaser Lipo is a great option for a bride looking to remove her unwanted fat and bring back her natural waistline. Like most procedures, we would require 3-6 months to ensure proper healing time.

  • Brazilian ButtliftCommon concern: “I wish I had more a butt! I’d like to fill out my wedding dress’ back side without sewing padding into my wedding dress.”

A butt lift or fat transfer usually requires some time to heal so we suggest anywhere from 6-10 months The procedure is minimally invasive, and we employ the most advanced techniques in performing buttock enhancements. Most brides may not like the way their bottom looks in their form fitting dress, as it is flat, too small, or has begun to droop. A beautiful behind, especially for the big day can be achieved with this procedure, which has the advantage of using your own fat tissues, avoiding any concern about your body rejecting the tissue – it comes from you.

  • Laser Resurfacing TreatmentCommon Concern: “I’m spending a lot of money for a make-up artist, and a professional photographer that will be able to show every wrinkle and flaw on my face in high def. I really want my skin to look refreshed and I want my makeup to not look like I caked it on to hide my face.”

If aging, acne, or too much time in the sun has left your face with blotches, scars, wrinkles, or lines, laser skin resurfacing may help your skin look younger and healthier in quicker time than most procedures which is why this is a very popular bride-to-be treatment. Laser skin resurfacing removes skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cells that form during healing give the skin a tighter, younger looking surface in less than 2-3 weeks. The procedure can be done alone or with other cosmetic surgeries on the face. We recommend doing this almost 2 months in advance to give ample time for healing.

  • Juvederm Dermal FillerCommon Concern: “I have always felt that my lips were thin and I’ve always wanted much fuller lips, especially for photos on my wedding day!”

Whether you are born with small lips or have lost those luscious lips over time, lip augmentation is a proven way to restore shape, volume, or projection. Injections are cost effective and can be done during your lunch break. Which, if you are a bride-to-be with not a lot of time, is a great way to change and freshen up your look almost instantly without planning 6 months in advance like most procedures.

  • Skincare and other products

Common Concern: “I don’t need anything major done but my skin and face is looking a little dull and tired.”

Our Lash Serum, Acne line-up and Anti-Aging products and even a  series of professional grade facials with our team are a great way to rejuvenate your look, perk up your skin tone and clear your skin in less than 4-6 weeks. Depending on your skin needs and concerns, our team can help craft the perfect skin care regimen for you leading up to your wedding day so that it’s the most perfect it can be. Like all items on this list, it is best to make a consultation appointment before starting any regimen. As always, our consults are complimentary.