New Year, New You

Turn Back the Clock and Reclaim Your Body in 2021!

Body contouring procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks and mommy makeovers are popular among people of nearly any age who need a little extra help, especially after getting through 2020!  Many women are looking for slimmer tighter body contours that are both proportional and natural. There is a growing demand to create perfectly curved hips, a slim waist, lifted buttocks, and reduced cellulite for a more youthful feminine shape. Elite MD can help improve all of these top concerns utilizing cutting edge technologies to create natural changes without looking overdone.

When you are ready to start your journey to achieving a slimmer, fitter you, it’s time to start preparing for your procedure.

Check these five body contouring tips off your list before the big day to look your best.

1. Establish Realistic Goals

Although body contouring procedures can help to fine-tune your curves, these are not weight loss procedures. Nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned diet and exercise. With that in mind, you’ll need to create realistic, achievable goals for your end results that take into account your natural body type and starting weight.

2. Reach a Healthy Lifestyle

In your efforts to reach target weight before getting your procedure, maintain a healthy lifestyle. No meat, wheat, and sweets is our motto to cut down inflammation before and after your procedure. This results in quicker healing and faster results.

3. Ask Questions

Prior to your surgery date, review all detailed preop instructions and tips to prepare for your big day and keep an open line of communication with your plastic surgeon to help you prepare.

A few important questions to make sure you ask are:

  • What medications do I need to stop taking?
  • How long should I take off of work?
  • What can I expect during recovery?
  • When will I see my final results?

The more you know and understand before your procedure, the smoother and easier your recovery process can be.

4. Plan Ahead

In the last few weeks before your body contouring procedure, enlist any help you will be needing from picking you up to doing the dishes so you can rest and relax as soon as you get home, knowing that everything and everyone is already taken care of.

If you have kids, be sure to make plans for another responsible adult to help you take care of them. You may no do any heavy lifting for a few weeks out so you’ll also need some assistance with things like laundry, grocery shopping and other household duties.

Finally, create a relaxing sanctuary for you to recover ahead of time so you have nothing to worry about besides healing your body. Get cleaning done and out of the way in advance, and equip your space with plenty of fluffy pillows, blankets, books and movies.

5. Manage Stress

Even though it might seem like there are a million different things that need to be done before your procedure, try not to stress yourself out. Stay relaxed, meditate, and calm yourself. Know that everything will be done to its best ability as you get your mind and body prepared for your body contouring procedure and help make your recovery time as smooth and seamless as possible. Now all that’s left to do is focus on your final results!