New Year, New Skin: 5 Resolutions for Glowing Skin in 2019

New Year, New Skin: 5 Resolutions for Glowing Skin in 2019

It’s a new year with new beginnings and bright, shining possibilities. For your skin, too! There is no better time than the present to commit yourself to achieving your best skin ever. Don’t know where to start? Here are 5 simple resolutions that will keep your skin glowing and healthy in 2018.

Remove Make Up Every Night
There’s a reason that removing your makeup before bed is so vital: your skin goes through its most important regenerative processes at night, shedding dead skin cells and cycling them out for new ones. Makeup impedes that natural exfoliation process, so your skin becomes increasingly duller over time. So if you’re not taking off your makeup with a great cleanser, like our Deep Purifying Cleanser, chances are you don’t have a nightly skin-care routine —might be one factor standing between you and great skin.

Exfoliate Regularly
When you exfoliate you are sloughing away a pile up of dead skin cells that can mix with makeup residue, dirt, sweat and oils on the surface of your skin. Clearing the surface layer will help remove this build up from your pores- using a product like our Green Tea Brightening Scrub can create a clearer pathway for your skin care products. Your products will have an easier time working on the skin’s outer layer if their path is less obstructed.

Tackle Acne Once and For All
Leave your blemishes behind in 2017 and get fresh, clear skin in 2018! Start tackling your acne with the right products. Instead, use a treatment cream and cleanser that contains salicylic acid, like those found in our Elite MD Acne Kit. Its 4 products work in tandem to slough away dead skin cells, minimize excess oil production and unclog pores of unwanted debris for a clear and calm complexion.

Apply Daily Sunscreen
Do we really need to say how important sunscreen is for the health of your skin? Well, it was last year and will continue to be in 2018 and beyond! Add a healthy New Year’s resolution to your list and choose a daily sunscreen that will protect your skin without irritation. Try our BB Primer that has Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ and masks imperfections while shielding your complexion from burning UVB and aging UVA rays. Reap the rewards of all-day oil control when you use this 3-in-1 primer, sunscreen and BB cream.

Add Anti-Aging Products to your Regimen
Whether you’re in your 20’s or 60’s, there’s an anti-aging product that will prep and protect your skin to look its freshest and youngest. As we age, specific concerns like wrinkles, age spots, and moisture loss will be key in choosing the right treatment. Our multi-action Derma Duo kit is the perfect place to start to address all the above.