Chemical Sunscreens in the News

The recent news regarding chemicals and sunscreens has some people concerned. The study published in JAMA discusses the penetration of chemical actives into the bloodstream and the potential to disrupt normal hormone patterns and people.

We at Elite MD are dedicated to skin health, wellness, and overall safety. Our commitment is to provide you safe, affective sunscreen options as the first line of defense against skin cancer and photoaging. Our physical sunscreens provide broad-spectrum protection and are fortified with a powerful blend of antioxidants that contain no chemical The findings of the study are nothing new and are also clearly stated as non-conclusive absorbers. We strongly encourage physical mineral based blockers containing high zinc oxide for best protection. We always use clean ingredients that are medical grade and manufactured under pharmaceutical standards. Just because something is absorbed, doesn’t mean it’s unsafe (think about some of the the toxic processed foods we eat every day). In addition, the American Academy of Dermatology also made a statement that these ingredients have been used for several decades without any reported internal side effects in humans.

Most importantly everyone remains aligned that skin cancer is a critical health issue with one in five people diagnosed every day. Using sunscreen is the single most important step in prevention. Fortunately, there is renewed focus on the importance of using sunscreen. This awareness brings to light the rise in skin cancer and highlights a proven strategy for prevention. Thus, daily sunscreen use is a key element in the prevention of skin cancer. The benefits of using sunscreen far outweigh the risks. For those concerned, physical mineral based sunscreens containing high levels of zinc oxide are the safest alternative.

Please call or visit us to discuss safe physical sunscreen options that are both sheer and cosmetically elegant.