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Drs Badreshia and Bansal strongly believe in giving back to the family and community that had supported them throughout their careers. Their journey serving the underprivileged was years in the making. Knowing the positive impact the consistent and careful guidance of his family, teachers and mentors had on their own life, were instrumental in helping to launch a highly successful after-school educational program and initiative for inner-city youth. This pilot program was incorporated into a University Community Relations Project Initiative. The undertaking was so successful it was named one of the top ten projects of its type in the country, winning an award presented by General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.) at the President’s Summit for America’s Future, held in Philadelphia in the spring of 1997.

With the accolades from that exemplary community project still warm in their hearts, Drs. Badreshia and Bansal had the motivation to elicit a broad response from medical student volunteers for the project they co-founded called LION CARE in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, near the State Capital.  Named after the Penn State Nittany Lions, LION CARE (Compassionate health care, Advocacy, Renewal and Education) was conceived to improve the homeless population’s access to health care by providing free primary healthcare services, offering a unique clinical learning experience for medical students, and educating students,  residents, and faculty members about the medical and social issues facing the underserved community. Medical students provide comprehensive health screening services for the residents of the shelter as well as a complete history and physical, health education and prevention programs.  Since its inception in 2001, LION CARE has served thousands of homeless patients. The project is supported by Bethesda Mission, contributions from the community, grants and donations from Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) which has offered over $50,000 for medications, medical supplies, and further development of the project. LION CARE has joined the small number of student-led medical clinics in the country, but it soon raised the bar and now sets the standard.

The success of this community project involved another follow up creative art project. Dr Badreshia, skilled in calligraphy and other forms of art, created beautiful calligraphy pieces framed from original writings and poems submitted by the homeless population of Bethesda Mission. This artwork remains at  Penn State, College of Medicine as an art exhibition to increase awareness of the LION CARE project and its people. This was also featured in a publication by the Alpha Omega Alpha Magazine, The Pharoes.

During residency, there was continued involvement and growth in her commitment to service.  Dr Badreshia volunteered 2 consecutive years as a camp counselor and activities coordinator to over 80 children attending Camp Horizon annually. is a place where children ages 8 to 13 with chronic skin conditions share a week together each summer of days fi lled with multiple activities, learning and fun. Dr Badreshia became the Clinical Care Coordinator at Bethesda Mission, monthly clinics designed to increase access to Dermatology related services to the homeless population. In addition, she is involved with the national annual skin cancer screening sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). She has helped to provide free skin cancer screening to over 500 patients. In fact,  she was one of  457 particpating member dermatologists to screen 10,359 people to set a Guinness World Record for the Most Skin Cancer Screenings in a Single Day.

Dr Badreshia also partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Coalition United to Fight Cancer, Inc in collaboration with the American Cancer Society to improve cancer survival rates to ethnic and minority people. By presenting in educational programs, workshops, and seminars within the community and providing skin cancer screenings, Dr Badreshia helps promoted the benefits of early detection.

Their most recent endeavor involves the creation of international missions to help the thousands of children with cleft lip and cleft palate. By providing free surgical care while teaching the local surgeons the surgical techniques, they hope to increase the number of children with this debilitating condition. Their lives are truly changed.

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