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Dr. Michael Giuffrida Testimonials

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I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Giuffrida for over ten years. He has performed a number of procedures on my from facial fillers and Botox to a tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction. I have been 100% satisfied with my results each time. From the moment you make the call to schedule a consultation, you begin a journey where not only Dr. Giuffrida but also his support staff is by your side and there for you. They take the time to listen to you and understand you. They are honest and straight forward with you from your first phone call to your post-operative visits and any phone calls in between. Dr. Giuffrida is a gifted and skilled surgeon. I have never regretted any procedure he has performed on me. I love my curves and my body does not look like it has “work done”. I live on the east coast and I was very sad to find out that Dr. Giuffrida was moving to the west coast. If I ever decide to have any other cosmetic surgeries done, I will most definitely be flying to the west coast to have Dr. Giuffrida perform my surgery. I trust him and admire his work above all others. When friends ask me for a recommendation for a plastic surgeon, I tell them to go to Dr. Giuffrida. He is worth the extra cost of flying out to him and paying for a hotel room for your recovery period. There is just not other option, as far as I am concerned.


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Dr Giuffrida has performed several surgeries on me. A breast augmentation/mastopexy when I was age 50 and then 4 years later I had an abdominoplasty. I am an anesthetist and I have worked with Dr G and several other plastic surgeons. Dr G is by far the most excellent as far as technique and care. When it comes to breast augmentation he is an artist in shaping the breast and achieving natural results. He takes great care in closing his incisions to minimize and hide scars. After 13 years, I am still very happy with the procedure and never regretted my decision. I definitely love my flat belly as well. I had always had a “roll” and hated how I looked in pants and jeans, so I always wore my shirts out. This was a great experience as well and again I am very happy that I went ahead with the surgery. I know personally and professionally that Dr.G is a warm caring physician who loves what he does and it shows in the results!

It has been exactly one year since my plastic surgery and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic with the results. I came to Dr. Giuffrida because I had lost 150lbs and had a great deal of hanging skin – my muscles and body were toned but I could do nothing to fix the skin. Dr. Giuffrida was very sensitive to my concerns about down time as I was preparing for an endurance sporting event and also set very real goals and expectations for me. Marilyn and the rest of Dr.Giuffrida’s staff did everything that they could to calm my fears and anxiety over making the changes. I had a breast lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift – all of this was done at the Doylestown Wellness Center and I went home that same day. I did not have a single worry the day of my surgery – the staff was incredible, Dr. Giuffrida answered all of my questions and I walked out to the car that same day – it was incredible! 2 days later I was walking around the block and in no time I was doing all the things I loved to do. I followed Dr. Giuffrida’s directions exactly as he gave them to me; from the surgery support vitamins, to wearing the proper compression garments for the right length of time, to changing my exercise schedule in order to give my body time to heal – he is a miracle worker – my body looks great. I can proudly go out and compete in events now and not be embarrassed by the extra skin – at this point you can’t even see the scars – you would never even know I had surgery. I have continued with services at Dr. Giuffrida’s office for skin care and various other treatments and I am thrilled with their professionalism, caring, kindness and compassion that they show to every person that walks through their door.

When I began seeing changes in my appearance that I did not like, I was not sure if anything beneficial could be accomplished by surgery. On my first consultation with Dr. Michael Giuffrida I recognized immediately his genuine concern and respect for my well being. He is a true professional, skilled and creative. Through talking with him in consultation he outlined a direction to obtain the goal I was hoping for. From the moment I looked at myself after the surgery he performed, I could see immediate improvement, and after the healing phase I was absolutely delighted with the results he had achieved. I give him my highest recommendation as a plastic surgeon and will absolutely request his surgical services for any future plastic surgery improvement that I may want.


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A funny thing happened to me on the way to my blepheroplasty and mini-face lift! I HAD FUN! I had the procedures last year during which I was 66 years old. Of course I am now 67 or you wouldn’t be reading this. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Giuffrida and his staff treated me like a queen, but I am certain they treat every woman like that. It is just their way. Prior to my surgery, Dr. Giuffrida spent plenty of time with me to explain precisely what he would be doing. He was so thorough that I had few questions when he finished.

I had my surgery in the office near Doylestown PA. The surgery was uneventful and not at all painful. Marilyn and Sally were very patient with me when I had a few questions post surgery. They are terrific women and know their stuff. The entire group is warm and caring, and FUN! I will never go anywhere else to have my face and body gussied up.

I really like the convenience of being able to visit their office in Hunterdon County because that’s where I live. I am currently having micro-dermabrasion with JoAnn there.

This was a most pleasant experience for me. I am one who thinks age is irrelevant. Your age is only the day you are living in between your birthday and your deathday. I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. When The Day comes, I want the undertaker to have serious concerns about burying such a work of art.

Dr. Giuffrida offers many procedures to aid and abet anyone who thinks like I do: Don’t believe the cliché “Life is short; eat dessert first!” I have a new one for you: “Life is longer if you don’t eat dessert very often and if you want to look your best, wend your way to Dr. Giuffrida and his wonderful band of merry women. You will look so much better for it and you will have a heck of a good time too!


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Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all the support from your staff. I’m a 55 year old Patient Accounts Manager for a non-for-profit company. My surgery was to take off the extra body of fat and skin around my stomach area. After years of wearing control panties, control top pantyhose, and clothes to hide this excess I decided to have it removed. My goal for the surgery was to improve my appearance. Your service gave me the opportunity to begin to correct some areas of my outward appearance, which I did not think I would be able to change. The staff was very helpful and was able to explain the process in detail and helped me select the best plan for my financial situation. What a difference, not only for a flat area at my stomach, but my clothes fit better. I wish I had done this years ago. I could not have expected a more professional and more personable experience than the one I encountered. I believe that the main advantage of my overall experience was being in the hands of a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. Giuffrida, and a special thank you to your wonderful staff Marilyn and Patty.


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