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Breast Reconstruction

What is Elite MD Breast Reconstruction?

An Elite MD Breast reconstruction is a procedure for rebuilding the breast after a mastectomy has been performed. The hope is to restore the breast to a shape and size similar to their condition prior to surgery. Saline filled breast implants may be used during the reconstruction or tissue may be taken from other parts of the body. If needed, the nipple and areola can also be reconstructed in an additional surgery. If the breast has not been damaged through treatment and scarring has not developed, breast reconstruction can be done at the time of the mastectomy. If not, a second surgery is needed to do the repair work.

Elite MD Breast Reconstruction

Benefits of an Elite MD Breast Reconstruction

An Elite MD Breast reconstruction can improve the shape of the body and lead to greater self esteem. Clothing fits better, and an external prosthesis is unnecessary. At least ninety-eight percent of women who have had a mastectomy opt for breast reconstruction afterwards.

Elite MD Breast Reconstruction FAQ

What is the Recovery Time of an Elite MD Breast Reconstruction?

Patients may spend up to a week in the hospital after an Elite MD Breast Reconstruction and will have a drainage tube to remove fluids for several days. The doctor will prescribe medication for soreness and pain during the first week or two of recovery, but the discomfort should begin to abate within three weeks. It can take up to two full years for the breast tissue to heal completely, and scars may always be somewhat noticeable. Sex, strenuous exercise, and heavy lifting are not advised until at least four to six weeks after breast reconstruction.

Do I need Anesthesia for an Elite MD Breast Reconstruction?

General anesthesia is used for the most invasive surgical procedures during breast reconstruction, but later detail work may be done using a sedative with local anesthesia to numb the surgical site.

Is The Elite MD Breast Reconstruction Safe?

Studies show that breast reconstruction done with implants does not lead to cancer or autoimmune system disorders or connective tissue diseases. Implants may hide malignant tumors that develop later so patients should be vigilant about breast exams. Capsular contraction occurs after some breast implant procedures. In these cases, the skin tightens around the implant, making the breast feel hard.

Do I need to Prepare for the Elite MD Breast Reconstruction?

Patients who smoke should stop several months before the scheduled surgery. Certain vitamins, herbs, and medicines which have a thinning effect on the blood should be discontinued before surgery to prevent excessive bleeding. A complete medical examination with blood work is commonly ordered before surgery.

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