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Mommy Makeover

The Elite MD Mommy Makeover is Elite MD’s most popular signature procedure dedicated to helping mothers regain control and get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. This is also a great procedure for those who have undergone significant weight loss or weight loss surgery. This procedure combines a tummy tuck with a breast lift (and an option for a breast augmentation) done all at the same time. The tummy tuck removes excess fat, tightens and tones the loose skin of the abdomen area, and has the added benefit of improving the appearance of stretch marks. In conjunction, the breast lift allows for a natural and contoured reshaping of the breasts with an option to enhance and volumize the breast area with a breast augmentation. Breast augmentation may be performed at the same time utilizing an implant consisting of silicone or saline, or even a more advanced technique of harvesting one’s own fat to provide a very natural look. The Elite MD Mommy Makeover is performed by combining the expertise of multiple Board Certified Plastic Surgeons that work together to maximize your results with minimal discomfort, less downtime, and a faster recovery.

Elite MD Mommy Makeover

Dr Bansal, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and his team will provide a complimentary and comprehensive cosmetic consultation that will individualize a thorough treatment plan and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Dr Bansal’s goals are to treat every patient as a family member, provide a very natural contoured result, utilize the most cutting edge and innovative techniques, and offer the highest excellence in patient care and comfort that you deserve. He offers options in advanced techniques based on your goals, skin type, ethnicity, medical history, and lifestyle. Dr Bansal can provide optimum results by combining his surgical techniques along with nonsurgical options, such as lasers to tighten skin and minimize scarring, in the right candidates. Dr Bansal’s expertise includes body contouring and combined procedures utilizing the most cutting-edge techniques. Dr Bansal has been highly acclaimed and sought after for his advanced expertise in body reshaping and contouring. Additionally, Elite MD serves as an international training site to educate physicians around the world on the most innovative techniques.

Patients are extremely satisfied with the Elite MD Mommy Makeover procedure and are grateful to have their hourglass figure allowing them to be bikini body ready.

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